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Polish people of Science
Ryszard Gryglewski (born 1932) - graduated in Medicine in Cracow, where he also wrote his doctorate in Pharmacology and in 1971 became a professor. He is a member of many pharmacological associations around the world, and since 1993 director of the Jagiellońskie Centrum Badań Medycznych (Jagiellonian Medical Research Centre). His scientific work concerns experimental pharmacology. His research focuses on the contribution of the blood-vascular system in building up immunity against thrombosis in the development of scleroses. In 1976, together with J. Vane and S. Monccad, he discovered prostacyclin, which set off many further scientific discoveries.

Roman Ingarden (1893 - 1970) - philosopher. Initially connected with the Lvovian, and later the Cracovian, academic milieu. Sspecial interest: ontology. His views on the subject of art are contained in his two-volume work 'Spór o istnienie świata' (The Controversy over the Existence of the World' (1947, 1948; also in a German version, 'Der Streit um die Existenz der Welt, 1964, 1965). He was also interested in literature, and his major work on this subject was 'Das literarische Kuntswerk'(1957; On Literary Works). He also addressed other art-forms (an English translation of one of his books on the arts is 'The Ontology of the Work of Art: The Musical Work, the Picture, the Architectural Work, the Film'(1989). Yet other fields he studied were the theories of cognition and aesthetics , his earliest book published in this subject was 'Ueber die Stellung der Erkenntnistheorie im System der Philosophie' (1925).

Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543) - renowned astronomer. Born in Toruń, and educated in the Universities of Cracow, Bologna, Padua where he read Medicine, and Ferrara where he earned a doctorate in Canon Law, Copernicus was the first in modern history to put forward a heliocentric theory of the Solar System. He first presented his discoveries in a preliminary draft entitled 'Commentariolus'in 1507, but did not publish a full version until the year of his death in the work 'De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium' (On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres).He was also a physician, economist, translator, cartographer and deviser of a system for the reform of the Julian calendar, and a public administrator (a servant of the King of Poland and was involved in the defence of Olsztyn Castle against an attack by the Teutonic Knights).

Bohdan Paczyński (born 1940) - astronomer, in the 1970s a world leader in the theory of the evolution of stars. However, he became famous for a new method of discovering cosmic objects and measuring their mass by the lenticular gravitation. He has been living permanently in the USA since 1981. He is a professor at Princeton University.

Aleksander Wolszczan (born 1946) - astronomer. Since 1982 he has worked in the USA. He is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and Toruń University. In 1990 he was the first to prove the existence of another planetary system in the Universe apart from our own solar system.
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