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Poland on the international scene
Pope John Paul II, an eminent Pole, once spoke of the heritage of Western and Eastern Europe as the two lungs of Europe: Although it's possible to live with just one, to be really fit, one needs both of them. In a few years' time this metaphor will become particularly relevant as the time to expand the Union is arriving.
The year 1989 opened new possibilities not only for Central Europe, but also for the whole continent. With the fall of the Soviet empire, Germany could be united. The era of division came to an end. Poland took advantage of this chance and defined joining the Euro-Atlantic security structures and European organisations as its ultimate political goal. Polish troops participated in the 'Partnership for Peace' program. Tadeusz Mazowiecki was a special UN envoy to the warring former Yugoslavian states. Poland actively participates in the work of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe.
Currently Poland is a member of the UN, the ouncil of Europe, the Organization for Council of Economic Cooperation and Development, the Central European Free Trade Association, the Central European Initiative and the Worls\d Trade Organization.
19 years after the historical strike of the Solidarity movement at the Gdańsk Shipyards, Poland accomplished what at the time no one even dared dream about. On 12 March 1999 together with Czech Republic and Hungary the country joined NATO, becoming a part of the Euro-Atlantic security system. At the same time Poland is maintaining friendly relations with its eastern neightbours, particularly Russia and the Ukraine. Poles introduced the concept of 'solidarity' into the vocabulary of foreign policy, giving this word a new meaning.
The main priority of Polish foreign policy is the membership in the European Union and bringing Poland back to its long time deserved place in Europe.
Currently Poland is amongst the best-prepared candidates. Negotiations started in 1998. Far from being easy, their pace is another example of Polish effectiveness. Poland is the largest of all 12 countries aspiring to join the EU. However, its tremendous potential is a great challenge for the EU structures which were designed to meet the requirements of its current member states.
Unsurprisingly there still may be problems to be solved, like that of transitory periods in certain areas. From the Polish point of view, its trade links with the EU countries are so close as if it already was a member of the Union. The EU has become  Poland's main economic partner, with 70% of Polish exports going to that market. The priority of Polish foreign policy is regional co-operation, indispensable for the vision of a united Europe to come true.
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