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Great polish brands

In a recent survey. Europeans were asked what they associated with Poland. The most frequent replies included religiousness, hospitality, attachment to tradition, and our penchant for strong alcoholic beverages. Very few thought of things of a more material nature.

Things would have looked different in the 1930s, when all of Europe delighted in Polish chocolates, and the French could even purchase it at a special "Wedel" retail outlet in Paris. Until today, the delicacies from "E. Wedel" remain the sweetest side of Poland.

Poland's weakest side in turn is its agriculture. But, there is a strength to this apparent weakness, indeed. The fewer chemicals, the healthier the produce. A well-known fact to connoisseurs of Polish deli meats, particulary, American lovers of "Krakus" ham. But, of course, Poland is not only famous for its appetisers. As to manufacture of vodka, Poland appears to be beyond any compare, except for Scandinavian and Russian competitors. Brands like "Wyborowa", "Belvedere", or "Chopin" even have their own fan clubs in the USA.

Despite the break-up of the state monopoly, almost all distilleries have kept the word "Polmos" as part of their names. Judging by the sums Western concerns are paying to gain a share for themselves in the ongoing privatsation of individual "Polmos" plants, this one might prove the most expensive of all Polish brands.

Less famous, but by no means inferior, are Polish beers. Yhis being testified by the fact that even an international movie star like Jean Reno did not hesitate to involve his authority in a recent advertising campaign of one of the brands, "EB". But there is something on the offer which appeals to teetotallers as well. The fruit juice producer "Hortex", has come a close second, right after "Wedel", in Polish brand popularity  rankings.

As to the industrial sector, one would find it difficult to name as many recommendable Polish brands. Nevertheless, "Zelmer" vacuumcleaners, or "Amica" household appliances meet the expectations of even the most choosy consumer, and are selling excellently both at home and abroad. Another quality product "made in Poland" is it's currency. As anybody doing buisness in Poland will confirm, the Polish Zloty is as highly  values as the American Dollar.
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