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All annual events in Poznań

The idea of the International Young Audience Film Festival is to show the authentic world of young people and reveal the true face of the young generation.
The Festival shows and promotesworthy films for children and young people, facilitates the distribution of such film and offers a forum for meetings and discussions of filmmakers, critics and film scholars, producers, distributors, teachers and a young audience. Film showings and accompanying educational endeavours make the Festival a significant element in the programme of young viewer education.

International Theatre Festival MALTA

Ladies and Gentlemen,
From the very first edition of the festival we have been grappling with the space of the town, the Castle, courtyards, abandoned factories, slaughterhouses, theatre halls, sports and fair grounds. Each year, we discover a new theatrical fragment of Poznań. During the "Malta", we "tame" public space to suit the needs of the theatre.
However, a theatre festival is not THEATRE alone; for a long time there has also been a very strong DANCE current. For ten years, MUSIC on Lake Malta has been an important programme idiom. The interdisciplinary character of the "Malta" finds its reflection in a variety of forms, in audiovisual frenzy, exhibitions, discussions, in other words - VARIA.
We always remember that the "Malta" is the largest meeting venue for young companies at the beginning of their artistic careers. In association with Zbigniew Raszewski Instytut Teatralny, we start the DEBUT programme, a competition in which ten ensembles compete for the prize of 30.000 złotys awarded by the jury headed by Prof. Lech Sliwonik. I hope the DEBUT section will bring the most representative group of new and meaningful theatrical proposals. THEATRE IN UNTHEATRICAL PLACES: true to the motto, we arrange the festival programme to reflect it. As of this year, DEBIUT, TEATR, TANIEC, MUZYKA and VARIA programme sections shall be the signposts along your festival paths. I believe everyone will find his own "Maltese" route among these proposals.

March - Poznań Fashion Week

International Medical Salon - SALMED

April - Publications and New Media Fair

International Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology Fair
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